Ben Gulbrandsen

Ben was born and raised in Stavanger Norway and moved to Canada in 1999 to attend University. While attending school he met Sarah and they have two children together. In 2015, after becoming an attorney in California, a pros and cons list was formed on where to set up practice. There were many good choices, but Victoria stood out as the best location to relocate. “Good is the enemy of Great.” (Jim Collins).

Ben looks forward to driving to work every day. Twice a week, he meets with his mentor Harald, who he has great respect for as a builder and friend. He also gets the privilege of work with his dad on a regular basis. The experiences of the past 40 years are the foundation for the future. Ben believes that even the best laid out plans need to be flexible enough so that we can remain open-minded to problem solve and find solutions. Through open communication with team members, solutions are presented by sharing experiences and opinions. Ben has enjoyed working with many great teams throughout his life both in business, sports, and recreation. In fact, one of his favourite memories from his childhood was sailing the North Sea as a crew member at the age of seventeen and cruising the lochs of Scotland. Challenge and adventure go hand in hand!